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*Please Note all the info is subject to change. Always look with your state, province or municipality before you are purchasing a serval or an early generation of Savannah cat.

In Canada, some of the provinces like Alberta, its not permitted to own a serval cat. In USA please visit http://www.felineconservation.org/index.html

We strongly recommend to get a pet passport for your Savannah cat or Serval at http://www.ec.gc.ca/cites/. Those are Canadian conventions on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora.

Who should own a serval?
A serval as a pet is a dream come true but STOP there and do some research before you purchase one. When you know you can own a serval in your area you still have to check if your home is suitable for having a pet serval.

They have some special needs like any animal do. They need lots of love and presence, they need their pack. If you travel a lot or work full time this cat may not be for you. They need to stay with you most of the time and most important they need SOCIALISATION.

They need to be surrounded by children, noises and other pets at a really young age. In any circumstances they should not be isolated. Walking them with a harness and a leash, car rides, shopping in certain stores who allows pets are some good practices to do with your Serval.

The Best way to keep a serval home is having a large outdoor enclosure that is fenced and have a top. Serval cats should never be allowed to run free outside since they are extremely hard to capture and they won't go back home after a run like regular cats. In the wild they are nomads which means that their instincts and curiosity will bring them further all the time.

We invite you to take a look at http://www.thecatlocator.com/. They are selling tracking collars that would be helpful in case of a serval or a savannah cat escape. Their needs are like any other cats. They need vaccination and deworming every 3 months. But they will need more time spent handling them and are almost like dogs. They love water games, play fetch and when they trust and love you they bond with you forever.

Keep in mind that it’s a 15 to 20 years commitment to own a serval. They are extremely hard for not saying impossible to re-home. If something unfortunate happens, you should contact a serval owner or breeder for assistance.

Hi-Generation Savannah Cat
At Savannah Canada, we breed hi generation savannah cats, such as F1, F2 and F3. Hi-generation Savannahs, with a high Serval percentage, tend to behave just as a serval cat. They need lots of love, a big enclosure, etc. We strongly suggest asking a lot of questions before adoption a hi generation savannah since they could be a lot of work but give you a lot of love. As Servals, they are harder as well to relocate because of their high serval percentage.

Sprayed / neutered
All kittens sold as pet will be neutered before leaving the cattery. Why? This is good for all breed of cat. They will not get the desire of breeding and they are way better pets. Also, they are going to spray all over the place if not neutered. This is good for males, females, from savannah cats to servals. They are all the same!

As an experienced breeder, we strongly suggest that you ask a lot of questions before adopting a serval or a high-generation Savannah. Since they are considered as “exotic pets”, they need special care and lots of love and human touch. Ask us about the breed and watch videos, read blogs about the Serval and F1, F2, F3 Savannah cats to ensure that you are making the right choice for you and your adopting kitty.