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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Introduction of a new kitty

At the time of the sale, we give a baby carriage, a toy and a small blanket to your little baby so that he is comforted by the familiar smell of the house where he was born. Often kittens cry the first nights. They are bored of their environment, their mom of their brothers and sisters. To comfort them, you can provide them with a hot water bottle that you have rolled up in a small blanket. The goal is to remember the warmth of their mom.

You can walk him with you talk to him reassure him. They like to lie close to them to play and offer treats. It is important to spend as much time as possible with your little baby.

It must be separated from other animals in the house, in a room or even the bathroom, and from the first moments of his arrival so that he gets used to the smell of the house, all being comfortable to move around the room. The first weeks are very stressful for your kitten and he will be very exhausted by the move. All this fatigue brings a small decrease of the immune system and will become more vulnerable to ambient microbes.

It is much easier to get used to his new bedding and bowl of water. I advise you to feed him and stay close to him so that he associates you and connects more quickly with you.

As soon as it starts to recover, you can bring it in the main rooms of the house, always accompanied by you. If you have other animals, start by bringing it in its small transport cage. This will give the other animals the chance to know their own smell and to know the other ones without feeling too intimidated by them. Then you can do the opposite and bring your pets to his room or room. Give him time in the house to smell everywhere and to know the places without the other animals to start. Remember, you can always count on me for any question.


All normal cats will try to climb the hierarchy of the house. They will push the limits and rules of the house to do their own best. If they can move on the counter, they will inevitably steal food from you on your plate. You must be ready for the test! For the moment, he is very good with all the rules, he can be good for several weeks, or even months, but inevitably one day he will challenge you. When they reach seven (7) to ten (10) months, they strike a period like adolescence and seem to be at their worst moment of their life.

Be ready for this period.

The secret of success is to be very consistent. Example: If you do not want him to walk on the counter, never let him go up. If you leave it once, he will always try to return.

Another problem for many is to play fiercely. Let it chase your feet and bite them under the covers, it's really comical when small but when the cat's weight is over 25 pounds and it has great jaw strength it's a lot less funny. You will have to be firm no matter how cute he is. If you have to discipline your kitten, there are several methods available depending on the situation.

Very important to reward all good attitudes or as soon as your kitten does what you asked him, eg: sit down when it's time for meals, come when you call him, sit down in a car etc.

When your kitten makes mistakes, a good way to fix it is to take the skin of the blow. It is painless and it is the method of cat moms. With the first generations and the servals, it is good to push down on the floor, the couch, in short no matter the surface. This demonstrates domination and requires respect on one's part. The more your cat grows, the more weight you will need to hold your body to the ground until it is still and accept that you are the boss and that what he has just done is not good. . NEVER LEAVE a savannah or a serval lift the paw in front of you leaving it to do the same thing until it folds in sphynx position to leave you the last word.


Your kitten has worn a harness here. We suggest wearing the harness regularly not to say 24/7. The harness is very convenient for walking outside or even to catch your little explorer if he wants to go outside without you. It's a very fast way to catch him up. But it's very embarrassing if you want to bring your twink for a walk and as he knows he has a harness he paralyzes and goes to bed on the side because he is not used to it.

When you install the harness start with the collar, it must be tight enough for safety but not too much either. You must be able to put a finger between the collar and the skin. Then you just have to click the gums on the rest of his body and attach a leash you are near for a walk.


A serval as a pet its a Dream come truth but STOP there and do some research before you purchase again , when you know you can own a serval in your area you still have to check if your home is suitable for having a pet serval , they have some special needs like any animal do . They need lots of love and presence , they need their pack . If you travel a lot or work full time this cat may not be for you . They need to stay with you most of the time and most important they need SOCIALISATION . They need to be surrender by children , noises and other pets at really young age in any circonstances they should be isolated . Walking them with a harness and a leash , car rides , shopping in certain stores who allows pets . The Best way to keep a serval home is having a large are that is fenced outside that also have a top , having an access for both area is a paradise for a serval . They should never be allowed to run free outside they are extremely hard to capture and they won't go back home after a run just as regular cats . in the Wild they are nomads . Their instincts and curiosity will bring them further all the time . I invite you to have a look to http://www.thecatlocator.com/ they are selling tracking collar . Their needs look like any other cats , they need vaccination , deworming every 3 months . But they will need more time spent handling them and are almost like dogs . They love water games , play fetch and when they trust and love you they bond with you forever . keep in mind its a 15 to 20 years commitment to own a serval . They are extremely hard for not saying impossible to re-home . If something unfortunate happen , you should contact a serval owner or breeder for assistance .

Spayed / neutered All kittens sold as pet will be altered before leaving the cattery Why ? This is good for all breed of cat . They will not get the desire of breeding and they are way better pets , also they are gona spray all over the place , this is good for males , females , from sphynx to serval , they are all the same