Baby Capone the serval cat with his favorite treat | Savannah Canada

Baby Capone the serval cat with his favorite treat

Capone the serval , serval loving the treats

We ship our Savannah babies 12 weeks after birth


Our cats Savannah Canada (continued)

Mama Cassyope and Kehops

5 weeks old baby serval boy Kehops playing with mama

Capone playing in the snow

Capone the serval loves snow

Baby serval and Baby savannah F3

7 weeks old Serval kitten playing with 7 weeks old savannah F3 kitten

Capone the serval gets his treats

Capone treats are very important for him

Capone the lover Serval with his Serval girl friend Cassyopee

they are a real couple of servals and they give us wonderful little serval kittens to raise in our breeding program

Capone the serval in his bedroom

Capone our Serval Breeder (daddy) of our fabulous Savannah F1s enjoying cozy life in the living room

Savannah cats F1 kittens and savannah F3 older kittens in a game

Funny Video with our babies kittens Savannahs F1s 8 weeks old and our F3c savannah F3 4 months old , playing with their back legs like servals do !!

Capone Adventures

Capone our savannah F1 daddy loves to be outside and explore everythin!!meet our Serval Capone

serval Pablo 8 months old

our little Pablo playing in the house like a small kitten , Dad is Capone the serval and mummy is Cassyopee , Pablo will stay in our savannah program

baby serval

10 weeks old serval kitten getting a bit of time without mama

Capone and maman snuggling

Our serval capone is the most pretty and friendly in the world we adore each moment spent with him

Cassyopee and her lovely babies

Cassyopee is a very social serval female a sweet mama serval and a very nice pet to live with

Capone the serval car ride

capone the serval sire our F1 savannah kittens

F1 savannah playing

hybrid savannah F1 in a game

Savannah Canada F1hp Isabella

F1 Isabella Savannah Canada loves to eat frozen preys

Hungry Serval Capone at Savannah Canada

Capone loves a bit of tuna for treat . He also talks to his daddy a lot when it’s meal time

King Capone the Serval car ride

mama and Capone for a car ride

Savannah F1 and F3 Available worldwide shipping

our kittens available servals and savannahs

Capone the serval food a toy

Capone the serval playful kitten baby serval playtime

Capone the master of the ball

Capone the serval serval playing serval game